Lady and the Tramp//Watching Old Disney Movies

Since Disney purchased…almost everything in the film industry, our family decided to purchase the recently released and actually relatively inexpensive, Disney+. The very first thing that I realized was how exactly few Disney movies I’ve actually watched XD. In fact, I don’t even think I’ve watched any of the old animated ones…which I really probably should. :P

Lady and the Tramp was playing at my dentist’s office, and though I only got to watch about five minutes, it was the first one that popped into my head when I was looking for an old Disney movie to watch, so it will be the one that I’ll be commentating on today. 

Besides, is there anything more blanket burrito-like than curling in a blanket with a bowl of ice cream watching an animated Disney movie, right? 

I will warn you that this is a post about my thoughts as I watched the movie, so there will be spoilers. :P 

Well, let’s begin!

Disclaimer: All the following GIFs used in this post are owned by Disney, not me…as is everything else in the world.

Lady is so absolutely adorable and small, oh my word.

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs

My dog Misty was resting by the window, but during the scene where Lady was whining, she pricked her ears, walked over to the TV, and began cocking her head from side to side. She was probably wondering who exactly was this small creature and why she couldn’t sniff it. XD

I love Butch and Trusty. They seem like sturdy friends. 

Aw, the people at Tony’s are amazing.

Oh MY, Jim called Lady “that dog”?! How could he!

Poor Lady…

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs

Oh my word, the difference between the ladies and gentlemen. “Darling, you look absolutely radiant, radiant I was saying the other day!” “Jim, you look terrible.” 

Those cats are pure evil.

Let me guess…they’re going to cook up a whole ruckus then Lady will get blamed for all of it. 

OH MY GOODNESS. What an absolute disaster. 

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs cats

That poor fish…

NO. Jim, Darling, come back! 

There’s Tramp dancing in like a hero again…I‘ve never felt so strongly about a relationship between two dogs before. 

Why didn’t Tramp just take Lady to Tony’s to get her muzzle off? They seem like people who would appreciate blanket burritos, if not actually being one. (Though I suspect they may be.)

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs tony

Going to the zoo…hmm, interesting idea. That was quite the clever scheme to get in, however.

…the beaver. I am quite speechless. 

You know the true morals of a person when they actually set up a romantic candlelight dinner for two dogs and play the accordion for them. We all need people like the people at Tony’s. 

This strongly reminds me of Aristocats, except with dogs. Aristodogs? Hmm, doesn’t quite have the same ring. :P

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs

I just realized that the dogs have eyebrows. It actually doesn’t look as strange as I would have thought it to be. 

My word, those are quite fat chickens. 

Tramp calls Lady “Pidge” (Pidgeon) which I find rather endearing. 

WHAT? Why did Lady get put into the pound? She had a license! 

Somebody protect poor, innocent Lady please. 

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs lady

The dogs are howling in harmony, aw. 


This is making me strangely emotional. 

I must give all of them fluffy blankets and dog-safe cinnamon rolls. 

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs the pound

My poor, injured heart.

I love Peg. People named Peggy tend to be wonderful…Peggy Carter, Peggy Schuyler…apparently, the voice actor for Lady is also called Peggy Lee. Interesting.

Exactly – why is Lady even here? She has a license. Hmph. 

…WHAT? No, what, don’t kill the pupper, please. 

It’s not even onscreen and my poor heart is suffering. 

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs the pound

Oh, so it seems that Tramp is actually a bit of a scoundrel.

An idea for a new musical group: The Pound Dogs. Would you listen to them? After all, those harmonies are flawless. ;)

Lady’s home! Hooray! 

Wait. Jock and Trusty want to marry Lady? No, no, I don’t like that. They’re uncle figures. This is quite disturbing in my eyes.

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs jock

It’s Tramp! Yay! 

Wait…Lady…what? No! Please, I beg of you, don’t ruin my perfect couple. 

Oh dear. Tramp is most certainly in for it now. 

LADY! My goodness, that…that was eventful.  

Are Jim and Darling still gone, I wonder? 

Oh, yes they are. Hmph. Aunt Sarah also seems strangely old to be either Jim or Darling’s aunt…

Tramp…oh no…you’re going to get into so much trouble…

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs

Well, Tramp, I don’t mean to criticize but from what I see, you’re just going to make it extremely worse. 

Oh dear. OH DEAR.

It’s Jim and Darling, thank goodness.

Yes, thank you. Finally. Some common sense! 

I dearly hope that Aunt Sarah never goes to housesit again. 

What happened to those diabolical cats, I wonder?

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs cats

I just realized that the dogs have no nostrils…interesting. 

They’re reunited, hooray! Good for you, Trusty and Jock. Wonderful work.

Wait…oh, no…no not Trusty, what did he do to deserve that? No…please don’t be dead…

I never expected this movie to be emotionally devastating. 

Aw, what adorable puppies. 

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs puppies

Hold on a moment. Trusty isn’t dead? Wow, that’s actually such a relief to me. XD Although I will say I was fully expecting him to be…perhaps I’ve been watching too much Marvel, heh. 

I love Jock’s sweater. The plaid really was a fabulous choice. 

I’m wondering where that iconic spaghetti scene is…I’m beginning to think that I must not have been paying attention and missed it. Uh oh. 

Image result for lady and the tramp gifs

*rewinds* Ah yes, I did. *intense facepalm* Only I could miss one of the most iconic Disney film moments of all time. XD

And…now Jock’s glorious sweater is getting demolished. Lovely. 

I want one of those puppies, aw. They’re so tiny and squirmy and adorable.

Oh dear, Misty looks betrayed. XD

Well, I think that this old Disney movie leaves the same impact that they all do – a feeling of immense satisfaction. There’s just something nice in a happy, warm ending, you know? Something in the simplicity of it all. There’s not an overload of action and drama – it’s just a story told and drawn well. I rate it 5/5 cinnamon rolls. :)

Apparently, there’s a live-action Lady and the Tramp too that got about no publicity…although I have doubts on whether or not it’s any good, I’m beginning to think that maybe I should watch it. Did any of you? If so, what did you think?

All right, now I think I’ll begin to wrap this post up. What’s your favorite Disney movie (old or new)? Have you seen Lady and the Tramp? If so, who was your favorite character? 

Also, I’m going to attempt to have a blogging schedule of Wednesdays and Saturdays, but I will tell you that I can make no promises, but will try my best. :P

Have a wonderful week! 


16 thoughts on “Lady and the Tramp//Watching Old Disney Movies”

    Ahem. Yes, I have watched Lady and the Tramp(but not the live action one. I kind of don’t like the term live action, because unless the dogs are actually talking, it isn’t really live action) and it was one of my favorite movies growing up.

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