Welcome to The Blanket Burrito! I hope that you were able to snag your favorite blanket and snuggle up, but in case…

a) Blankets are too darned expensive

b) You’re on the move too much for that

c) You live in the Sahara

…don’t worry. Blanket burritos will never judge you. After all, we’re the ones who shimmy around in blankets all day. So never worry about being too crazy or weird for blanket burritos. We’ll always be there with a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever other hot drink and a beautifully soft, thick blanket.

But what exactly is The Blanket Burrito, you may ask? Well, be glad that you did. The Blanket Burrito is a blog for all things warm and cozy. In case that doesn’t sound specific enough, you’ll be able to find posts that mostly revolve around books, tea, and comfort food. It’s also a place for all blanket burritos to commune and be our wonderful selves.

My goal for The Blanket Burrito is for it to become a sort of safe place – a place to bring a bit of warmth and joy into people’s lives.

If that sounds good to you, then great!

I hope to see you soon as a blanket burrito. 🙂