The Quarantine Tag//Puns, Baking, and Duck Protection Laws

Hello burritos! Tags aren’t something I normally do on my blog, but this one seemed interesting enough, so I thought: why not? This tag was started by one of my irl friends and her friend, both whom have just launched their new blog so go show them some support. Please, as always, take lots of pie with you.

So, let me present to you: the quarantine tag! Thank you very much for the tag, Addie and Neria – expect more cream puffs coming your way. :)


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Put the Quarantine Tag image in your post somewhere (I couldn’t find the image so here’s a cute duck picture:
See the source image
it’s so squishy ah
  • Answer the questions or manipulate them to fit your COVID-19 circumstances
  • Nominate at least 3 people
  • Have fun!

1. What’s the first thing you want to do once quarantine is fully over?

I have an entire list, actually. XD Some of the things they include are as follows:

  • get a burger
  • eat at a local ice cream shop
  • go to a local cafe
  • visit Pike Place
  • get Boba
  • get doughnuts
  • hug a duck (they’re my relatives so I get protection under the Duck Physical Touch Amendment okay) (please do not touch them without their consent or if you are not their cousin) (you will be sued) (and I’m sure you don’t want to sacrifice your potato chips)

Out of all of those, I’m looking forwards most to eating all that food. I very much want a burger now. With steak fries. Ooh, and onion rings. (The first burrito to get me one gets a cake of their choice)

See the source image
not mine but I really want it to be

2.  How did/are you spend(ing) quarantine?

I did a whole series on random activities I did during quarantine if you’re interesting. :P Besides what I documented…uh…*cough*. I have been doing a bunch of baking lately, though – which is wonderful because as I’m sure you haven’t noticed my abundant desert references in every post, I have a very strong sweet tooth. ;) My brother has so many allergies he’s almost vegan, so we’ve taken up vegan baking lately which is……interesting.

See the source image
not mine but gah that’s so satisfying

(I am not vegan because giving up butter? And ice cream? And whipped cream? And bacon? And meatballs? Noooooo because then 90% of my comfort foods would disappear into the abyss and burritos run on comfort foods.)

I made doughnuts a few weeks ago which was exhausting. My feet hurt afterwards. XD Blanket burritos never like to stand for more than ten minutes at a time. Otherwise we flop down and melt in a polyester puddle.

3.What’s the most effective thing you’ve done in quarantine?

Hmm. Uh. I slid down the stairs in a laundry basket which was one of the great highlights of my life, I think. OH and I finally made a decent pun! I feel that the better the pun is, the worse they are. That…made more sense in my head but I’m sure that you get the gist, right?

See the source image
not mine

We watched this aerial Maine YouTube video a few days ago, and one of the features was the Calendar Islands. So, using my great fowl intellect, I said: “Is it because they produce lots of dates?”

Hehe. My brother wanted to disown me but that’s okay.

4. What’s the most interesting/boring thing that happened to you?

I feel like I just answered this question twice. XD

The most interesting thing is ah…oh! One of our waterpipes behind our dishwasher in the kitchen burst and it turned out that the whole floor under the cabinets rotted. So, they had to rip out all our cabinets and our dishwasher which let me tell you – makes it impossible to find anything since now all our drawers are just stacked in the corner. :P But, to dry the moisture, they had these huge fans blasting in the kitchen and good geese – it sounded like the rage child of a laundry machine, vacuum, and a ceiling fan but on steroids.

See the source image
is this from a movie and if so what is it please

Other things that happened in quarantine include my friend moving, Misty running away and accidentally pulling an old lady to the ground, Misty terrorizing a crow, and…I think that that’s it.

The most boring thing would be reviewing Latin. Blech.

5.  Your daily routine nowadays:

I wake up at around 8am, give or take, and then I brush my teeth, shower – you know, the usual. I go downstairs, eat breakfast (sometimes), drink my tea, and then I move on to reviewing Latin and doing penmanship. Uh, what else. Three days a week I do Russian and once a week I have online karate and I’m certainly not forgetting everything in both.

I have chores I do everyday, I stretch everyday (let me rephrase that: I stretch when I feel like it). I’m currently doing Camp NaNo so right now I spend an hour plotting my screenplay everyday.

See the source image

(Right now, I’m reading through a screenwriting book and take a look at this lovely excerpt:

Day by day we seek an answer to the ageless question Aristotle posed in Ethics: How should a human lead his life? But the answer eludes us, hiding behind a blur of racing hours as we struggle to fit our means to our dreams, fuse idea with passion, turn desire into reality.

Story, Robert McKee

Why few word when can use many.

In the evenings, I’m freeeee! I normally fall asleep around 11pm, but again – give or take.

6. Has Quarantine become Normal? Why or why not?

Eh. There seems to be so much happening everyday but since burritos are normally such homebodies anyway (keeps your blanket more hygienic), I’ve adapted. The rest of 2020 has been simply wonderful. Yup.

See the source image

7. Did quarantine have a positive or negative effect on you?

*thinks* Well, my dad has the ability to work at home so that’s a plus. When my friend moved, we didn’t really get to say goodbye the way we would’ve liked and quarantine definitely interfered with many summer plans. But, I can’t really complain so overall it’s been fine. :P

All righty, this was such a fun tag! And, since it’s brand new, I can actually tag people now instead of making it a free-for-all. ;)

I tag:




Have fun, my burritos!


28 thoughts on “The Quarantine Tag//Puns, Baking, and Duck Protection Laws”

  1. Hey Enni! I just found your blog, and I love it!
    I’m also like, super new to this blogging community, so you are officially in my top 5 first blogs I ever followed.

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  2. Hiya Hiya!!! I’m new to your blog and I think…I fell in love…with…YOUR BLOG NAME. WHAT. A PERFECT. NAME.One thing I now know bout you is that YOU LOVE FOOOOODDD, I mean who doesn’t?! Anyway!!!! SO! GOOD NEWS!! *squeals* I’M OFFICIALLY A FREAKING BURRITOOOO!! I died when you said…It’s so squishy ah 😂😂😂
    Love this post,
    — Srisha xx

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  3. […] Enni – How can I leave out THE Blanket Burrito? Anyway, I’ve also had the pleasure to collab with Enni a few times, and she really is a blanket burrito. Her blog is just so warm and cozy, and I’m not really capable of descibing it(and you call yourself a writer Diamond). Anyway, her posts always make me smile. […]


  4. I’m not vegan, either, but there’s something kind of fun about vegan baking. Getting around eggs and butter and all that can be interesting and lead to surprising results (like strangely bouncy cakes) :D

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